Symptom Load Map

What is the symptom load map?

This new service, based on an experimental system, shows symptom loads extracted from the Patient's hay fever diary in real time on a European scale. The service therefore allows to compare the intensity of symptoms in the respective home town, region or state within Austria or beyond.

What kind of data is used?

The data is directly extracted from pollen allergy sufferers using the Patient's hay fever diary ( Only anonymized and encoded data concerning symptom intensity is used and transferred into the system. Hence, it is impossible to draw inferences about personal data of users.

What information is shown on the symptom load map?

The intensity of symptoms is represented via color code (gray = no symptoms; green = low symptoms; yellow = moderate symptoms; orange = severe symptoms; red = more severe symptoms). The number in the center of the spot is the number of users entering the respective symptom intensity in the patient's hay fever diary.

Why did we establish the symptom load map?

Pollen concentrations and season trends are already displayed in a variety of ways. But what about pollen allergy sufferers in the same location or in other regions? The symptom load map answers these questions and shows prevalent symptom intensities.